Internet trolling, it is a term that is used a lot, but often negatively.

Is it however possible that internet trolling can have benefits?

Trolling is when someone aims to start “discussions” by posting provoking comments online with the deliberate intent to provoke people into an argument often for their own amusement.

So playing the devils advocate here, I don’t think that all trolling is bad. This is where we would be without trolling….

robo cop.pngNO MEMES: Internet trolling is how memes started. Trolling and trolling memes are everywhere, this is what we tag our friends in on Facebook on a daily basis, there are websites and Instagram accounts purely dedicated to this. Check out Jerry of the Day on Instagram, this is an account that aims to find the biggest dill of the skiing community and is full of funny videos, or photos of people going against basic ski and snowboarding etiquette

marjoramafbook1PATIENCE: Trolling has helped us to deal with the stupidity of people and basically increased our bullshit radar! There are so many posts on the internet that warrant a face palm moment for example see below.
The difference between trolling and bullying is one that is obvious though. Whilst it is fine to have a bit of a laugh at the post below, hey we all need some entertainment, at no point are you ever warranted to comment on someone personal traits or send “death threats, or insulting messages”.

POSITIVE TROLLING: Have you ever seen this is practice? Go have a look on Kayla Itines’ Instagram, look at a post of one of the women who have been successful in transforming their body. Look at all the positive comments, this type of trolling can do wonders, for something that people are so worried about sharing with others. I love a good positive troll, everyone loves a bit of loving every now and then.

ENTERTAINMENT: There are many different types of trolls, one of my favourites is thewvy7t6D.jpg grammar nazi, who can forgot some of Monash’s mistakes in recent advertising, sure trolling can do damage to your business, but only if you made the mistake in the first place. Let’s be honest, we all had a giggle at this mistake.

So whilst there are the shouters, the line-crossers, the preachers, there is also the generally-funny troller. Sometimes people say stupid things and deserve a bit of a rib. Whilst you have the right to reply you do have to keep your tongue in check and not be cruel. Just enjoy life and some people stupidity, wonderful things can happen.

Oh and remember that time that Internet Trolls decided to send Justin Bieber to North Korea?
Beiber was looking for the next place to tour, and public votes would decide where he goes next, internet trolls got on board to send him to none other than North Korea with 659,448 votes.