Sausage Party is a movie, for those of you wondering. It was released just a few weeks ago in 2016 by Sony Pictures. The audience for this movie is a younger generation, people aged 18-29. The type of people who are the hardest to attract to the cinemas, and instead are more likely to download movies online or watch on streaming sites such as Netflix.

So how did Sony Pictures manage to release a film that not only debuted with successful return but also with a large crowd of 18-29 year olds?

Sony realised that it’s audience were young, that they were tech savy, and also that advertising is received in different ways compared with their normal target audience.

snapchat.pngSony Pictures decided that rather than follow its usual promotional campaign for movies that they would change it up a bit by utilizing platforms such as Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat. Sausage Party was the largest digital marketing campaign ever for the studio with nearly half of the promotional spending being on online efforts.  They ensured their marketing was share-able, like-able and tweet-able.

Snapchat is a social media platform that keeps adding new features and functions that are loved by younger users for a variety of reasons including privacy (snaps are permanently deleted within a set period of time), the in-the-moment functionality of Snapchat and its individuality.1RbPA94qLXSCOoE7.jpg

One of the main reasons however that Sony utilized it is due to the fact that it is one of the only and major social media platforms developed only for mobiles, and not desktops as well (such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). Young people are constantly on their mobiles and Snapchat is a great way to tap into this.

Sony Pictures utilized Snapchat to send snaps of the launch party to users as well as to
celebrate national hot-dog day. Their Snapchat launch party was shared through popular website Buzzfeed to attract more viewers.This use of social media worked well to build hype closest to the release of the film and also get Snapchat users who may of stumbled across the snaps curious. This curiosity in turn led to them googling ‘Sausage Party’ which has the first result as the YouTube video posted.

Sony utilised YouTube to  post their ‘Red-band’ trailers of the movie. A lot of the movie content is not appropriate for normal advertising, it would be banned at the drop of the hat. But on the world wide web, anything is fine. YouTube enabled Sony Untitled.pngPictures to share the inappropriate scenes, the funny scenes and the explicit language throughout the movie. People could actually see what they were going to get from the movie. And young people love one thing more than humor, honesty. If you want to check out the trailer here along with the 4 million others that have shared it, the link is: – see share-able!

Whilst Sony also used other forms of marketing they utilised social media and digital media best. Through properly realising what their consumers wanted and the best way to target them ‘Sausage Party’ is one of the first movies to be successfully marketed through social media as the main platform

Is there any other movies that you think have used social media well to advertise?
What do you think of the ‘Sausage Party’ campaign?

How ‘Sausage Party’ Used a Digital Marketing Blitz to Draw Crowds