Nike Women has always been a well known brand, but most women interested in sports saw their runners as something that looks cute on your feet. Personally as someone who is in the gym everyday or playing soccer 3 times a week, I thought they didn’t have enough support and would pick Asics or Brooks runners over them any day.

But things change and now as I sit and write this post in my Nike runners and tights I
realise, I am one of their success stories due to their extensive marketing campaign run through the last 2 years.

A couple of years ago, Nike realized they were out of touch with the female market, especially those who took sport seriously. That is how Nike Women began.

UntitledThrough extensive research Nike found that women often work out and run alone, but crave a common community to talk about their stories and listen to other women’s stories. Nike then launched new platforms through their Nike Women’s page – a running community, soon after also Nike Training Club was launched which focused on women working out and growing stronger, through a variety of circuits that involved weights and cardio drills.

2 years ago ago I was in a lull, unsure of how to push myself harder at the gym, go that little bit further. I work out alone, and like many girls was put off the weights room by the lack of females in there. But scrolling through Facebook one day an event showed up in my news feed. It was the Nike event She Runs the Night, this was through the Nike  Women community. A community of over 4.7 million followers (2016), what better place than here to find some new tips, and a place to engage with other runners and fitness fans. NIKE-Training-Club-Event-Melbourne-Forum-Theatre.jpg

Nowadays Nike Women has events all over the world. As a user of the Nike Training Club app, I have shared workouts with girlfriends, done the “She Runs the Night” run, and also have partaken in the Nike Training Club sessions that run in the city each week and are booked-out consistently. So how has Nike done it?

Nike has been sure to engage every single potential consumer out there and ensured that rather than just having a brand page, they have a brand community. A brand community is how you get people involved with your brand, how you get them to engage, form relationships and most of all buy their shoes (it worked for me, how about you?).

Nike-Women-Training-Weekend-Bondi-Beach-Sydney.jpgNike Women has been one of the success stories on Facebook realizing that advertising on Facebook doesn’t really work, brand communities do. Through extensive research Nike Women has managed to segment their market well and in turn how to target them all effectively. Here are the few tips that Nike Women has proved work in order to build a brand community and keep followers engaged.
1. Use a variety of content types and ensure it is user interactive.
2. Use brand ambassadors, not just celebrities, but engage every-day girls who will spread the word on their own face book or social media channels.
3. Have conversations with your users, respond to them, customer service is key, and many women users just want someone to listen to them, be that person.
4. Have consistent posts, and interactivity on Facebook. Be active always, this allows people to connect with you.
5. Inspire, encourage, and delight.

So what do you think, do you think that Nike has done it well? DO you think there are things that Nike could have done better? And most importantly who has now fallen to Nike, how many of you now run in Nike shoes, or clothing that probably didn’t 3 or 4 years ago?7739ad78fea778255a53f4b0987b1cfd.jpg